Blake Baxter (Enumeration, no. 14, var 1) at Eleven Twenty Projects. 
Photos by Scott Cordaro
Amanda Besl, Fluorescent and Starry, 2017, Oil on board.
Photo by Alexis Oltmer
Illustration by Kevin Delgado.
Photo by Alexis Oltmer
Photos by Scott Cordaro
Photo by Alexis Oltmer
Exiting the Dogma System by Kathie Aspaas
Artwork by Bruce Adams.
Photo by Alexis Oltmer ​
Photo by Shasti O'Leary Soudant
Photo by Nicole Cooke.
Photo by Joe Cascio
Catobolic Consciousness by Greg Kuppinger
Photos by Cory Perla
Photo by Cory Perla
Photos by Scott Cordaro
Photo by Cory Perla
Jeremy Jinelra's Golden Memory.
Atom Crush by Peter Stephens
Emojo throw pillows at Furnishings. 
Weeping Wall by Shasti O'Leary
Stitch in Time by Jozef Najus
Les Glaçons (The Ice Floes), 1880, by Claude Monet.
The Ravens by Amanda Besl
Change of Address by Matthew Duquette
Fresh Air and Rest by Cory Perla
"Evie Marie" is ready to read the paper. –@MeyersMusings
Malus by Brendan Bannon
Smoke Signals by Elizabeth Gemperlein
Trickster by Bill Stewart
Pouring the Heat by Louis Vastola, whose work is on exhibit at Art Dialogue Gallery through November 13.
Nana by Mary Begley
Forgotten Faces by Russell Ram
"Kiki reading the @publicbflo #thepublicpet"–@maggie_murr
Moon Over Rocks by David Benjamin Sherry
Wonder Woman by Stacey Robinson
Chenango Street by Bill Jungels.
Untitled by Chris Fritton.
Buffalo Dropsie by Stephanie Dubin.
Darwin Martin House by Daniel Galas.
"#josiethedogg #ThePublicPet" –@stevekarosik
Notarctia Proxima by Joseph Scheer.
Mystery & Wonder by David Pierro
Photos by Shawna Stanley
Thick Soy Sauce Brand Pistols by Hollis Frampton
Poet's Party by Bianca Stone
Eden by Judith Shea.
Blue Lagoon by Alex Currie.
43North representing at The Public Invitational.
Photo by Melissa Hope.
By Mickey Harmon.
VibeFest by HLV/Yan Shmatnik 
Mound by Allison Schulnik
OK / ALSO OK, Lithograph, 2014, Lindsay Tripp
The Pilgrim's Process by Tim Staszak.
Little Planet by Gene Witkowski
Niagara Square by Blake Dawson.
The Pop In by Casey William Milbrand.
Rathbun's Ruin by Caitlin Cass.
Elma, NY May 2015 by Nick Torsell.
Untitled (Cindy, from MTC Series) by Robert Longo
The End of the Old Order by Eric Evinczik.
Emersonian Tree Mummification (Delaware Park) by Max Collins
Detail from Ongoing joke by Kyle Butler.
Rad-o-saurus Rex by Steve Ardo.
Time by Stephanie Dubin.
Mercury by Barbara Buckman
Fame & Paparazzi by George Afedzi Hughes.
Buildings by Taw Meh of International Prep #198
Two Helmets by Patrick Foran.
Courtesy of TGW Gallery.
Street Duet by Gary L. Wolfe
Rathbun Keeps Building by Caitlin Cass.
Ensemble by Gary L Wolfe.
Nostalgia II by Chuck Tingley.
Photo by Kevin Rybczyński. 
Conversation Having Humanity by Felice Koenig & Rodney Taylor
Silo City Dreams by Catherine Linder Spencer.
The Circus, at Eleven Twenty Projects Gallery.
Photos by Nancy J. Parisi.
Form Over Function by Mark Thomas Duggan.
Photos by David Torke
From De Profundis (Dock Guy #2) by Lawrence Brose.
Architectural Growth #6: We just made it up by Tom Hughes
The Public's #19Covers event at 19 Ideas. Photos by Shawna Stanley.
Clockwise from top left: accordionist Ted Szymanski, mid-polka; shopper Barbara Wier, waiting to hear "80!"; Ania Gurnari, owner of Chrusciki Bakery; and Adam Cichocki of Camellia Products. Photo by Nancy J. Parisi.
Photos by Cory Perla
Support by Fotini Galanes.
6th Annual BLRC Tweed Ride. Photos by Rashard Cunningham.
Ground II by Joan Linder
There is No ost Colonial by Stacey Robinson
First Light by Craig LaRotonda
Photo by Bruce Adams
Chihuahuan Desert by Bruce Jackson.
Portrait of Simone by Alixandra Martin.
Crowned With Crow by Alixandra Martin
Kirk Barker (Prince Duncan) and Viva Bianca (Emma) on location at Riley Street Station. Photo: Nancy J. Parisi.
K2 Afghan Translator by Brendan Bannon
Chamber by Gary Sczerbaniewicz
Buffalo's Desmond Webster takes on Watertown's Lawrence Barnes. Photos by Kevin Thurston.
Courtesy of the Buffalo History Museum
Photo by Nancy J. Parisi.
Drawing by J. Tim Raymond.
Watercolor by Fritz Raiser.
Boy with Scarf by Julie Molloy
Photo by Candace Camuglia
by Brendan Bannon
Together We Are by Valerie Kasinski
Psycho Love by Michael Mararian
Buffalo's Young Preservationists
Calling Basil Exposition
(Clockwise from top left) Humble Braggers; The Public Presents at Nietzsche’s; Tom Burtless; Geoffrey Peters; Jake Galenski. Photos by Michael “Nico” Nostro.
Pat Kewley: Inventions of the Future.
A Pie-Eyed Night with Peggy O'Neil by Mickey Harmon
Resting by Alexander O. Levy, 1930.
Carl Dennis (Delft Diagrams) by Harvey Breverman
Pat Kewley: Parts of Speech.
Matt Clabeaux: All of the above.
Buffalo - a work in progress: Homage to Louis Sullivan by Carol Case Siracuse
Police by Tommy Nguyen
Photograph taken from Broadway & Mills, looking east. Courtesy of The Buffalo History Museum
chevrolet a lo cubano​ by Jaume Escofet
For better or for worse by Rob Benigno
Courtesy of Buffalo History Museum
Illustration by Lucky Prak.
Don't Stop by Sara M. Zak
City of Dawn by Evan Hawkins, 2013
Untitled Shipyard by Evan Hawkins
Photos by Kaplan Harris.
City of Night 2014. Photo by John Carrocci.
From Through the Woods by Emily Carroll.
Untitled (From Drift) by Adam Weekley.
artwork by Tanya Chutko.
Fergusson by Judy Glantzman.
Untitled by Max Collins.
The Knife 2014 by Julian Montague
Biggest Little City in the World, 2014, acrylic and oil on 24x36" canvas by Chuck Tingley
Mind Over Mortar by Mickey Harmon
The Jacobs family tree converges with the Cuomo re-election campaign.
The unconventional quince fruit gets extra attention at Big Fuss. (source: wikicommons)
Untitled (The Pledge of Allegiance) by Michael Beam.
Orin Langelle's exhibit "Climate Change: Faces, Places & Protest" is at ¡Buen Vivir! gallery until 12/19. (Photo courtesy of Orin Langelle)
David McNamara (foreground) with Joe Hall and Cheryl Quimba. Production still by director Eric Coombs.
INSIDE VOICES: portraits of faces and places by Julie Molloy
Our first day of #ThePublicSelfie for Issue No. 1 of The Public.
Photos by Cynthia Pegado
Alexander O. Levy (1881-1947), Untitled, c. 1928; oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches, framed; Bequest of Frank Szuba, 2002
Craig Larotonda / Revelation Studios
Gearing up for the launch - Take a pic with your copy tomorrow! #ThePublicSelfie
We're inside preparing for Wednesday - Two days!