Photos by Cory Perla
Photos by Cory Perla

PHOTOS: The Public Picnic Fundraiser

by / Mar. 27, 2015 3pm EST

When the weather warms and the ground is once again firm underfoot, Silo Sessions and The Public are inviting you to a picnic. To be specific, the Public Picnic: a potluck/community meeting ground down in Silo City on selected Wednesday evenings through out the summer, where folks can break bread, discuss issues of the day, and then take in what’s happening in one of the city’s most spectacular cultural venues. On Thursday, March 26, we hosted a fundraiser and idea session at Mohawk Place. MC Pat Kewley hosted musical acts DJ Reazon, Lara Buckley, Sonny Baker, Alex Berkley, and the Evil Things. —Geoff Kelly