When: Wed Feb. 22, 6:30pm

[INDIE] Indie pop band Coin unapologetically declare that they’re a product of the 1990s.

Where: Dreamland
When: Wed Feb. 22, 8:00pm

[INDIE] A bunch of far-out indie rock bands will make their way to Dreamland on Wednesday, February 22.

When: Wed Feb. 22, 8:00pm

[METAL] Metalcore trio It Is Written come in from Bloomfield, New Jersey for a show at Mohawk Place on Wednesday...

When: Wed Feb. 22, 9:00pm
[FUNK] Improvising the best of jazz and gospel, this multi-instrumentalist will send you back into the twangy, soulful, grooves of the south on Wednesday night...
When: Thu Feb. 23, 6:00pm

[POP PUNK] You might not realize it based on their boyish appearances, but West Virginia-based pop-punk band Time and Distance having been...

When: Thu Feb. 23, 6:00pm

[ROCK] In their press release, hard rock band Pop Evil describe a dystopian (or maybe utopian?) present in which the music business is...

When: Thu Feb. 23, 7:00pm

[DISCUSSION] Want to learn more about the internet’s most mysterious and mischievous factions, Anonymous?

When: Fri Feb. 24, 6:00pm

[INDIE] To hear local quartet Head North’s most recent single, “God (Bring it Back),” you likely wouldn’t guess that just a couple years...

Where: Canalside
When: Fri Feb. 24, 6:00pm

[FUN] The family that (big gay) sings together also (big gay) skates together—and it looks to be a butt-load of fun!

Photo by David Torke
When: Fri Feb. 24, 6:00pm
When: Fri Feb. 24, 7:00pm

[PARTY] Wakes have a special place in Irish culture and literature, so fittingly every year Irish Classical Theatre Company throws a big...

When: Fri Feb. 24, 7:30pm

[DANCE] Recognized as one of Buffalo’s most innovative dance companies, never failing to astonish and inspire the community and beyond with their...

When: Fri Feb. 24, 8:00pm

[FUNK] Maceo Parker is the self-proclaimed “funkiest saxophonist on the planet” and he’s adopted that title, arguably, since James Brown...

When: Sat Feb. 25, 8:00pm

[HIP HOP] There’s a reason why GZA is sometimes called The Genius.

When: Sat Feb. 25, 8:00pm

[TRIBUTE] JGB – Just Good Business or Jerry Garcia Band? In this case, both.

When: Sat Feb. 25, 9:00pm

[ROCK] Sharp, groovy rock band, rock band Thieves of Sunrise bless the stage at Buffalo I