Where: Canalside
When: Thu Jul. 19, 5:00pm

[BLUES] As far as blues music goes, Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been at the head of a new generation inspired by classic guitarists like...

When: Thu Jul. 19, 7:00pm

[AMERICANA] Even if you don’t think you know who Jim Lauderdale is, you’ve likely heard his music in your travels—maybe even on ABC’s “...

When: Thu Jul. 19, 8:00pm

[COMEDY] Faux guru (or is he for real? Who knows!) JP Sears wants to take you on a spiritual journey—a quest, a voyage.

When: Fri Jul. 20, 10:00pm

[HOUSE] If you’re into deep house, do yourself a favor and check out DaRand Land’s S&T Podcast mix from last year, which is up on his...

Where: Canalside
When: Sat Jul. 21, 5:00pm

[POP] The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will set up at Canalside for a special show this Saturday, July 21.

When: Sat Jul. 21, 7:00pm

[PUNK] Canadian hardcore punk band D.O.A., lead by Joey “Shithead” Keithley, are on tour in celebration of 40 years as a band.

When: Sun Jul. 22, 6:00pm

[POP] Things that make ya go “hmmm:” Either of these artists could have toured by themselves this summer, but have instead decided to package it up with a...

When: Sun Jul. 22, 7:00pm

As an expression of the joyous whimsicality and unfettered imagination that went into the music of The Beatles, the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine...

When: Mon Jul. 23, 7:00pm

[INDIE] Once in a great while I’ll hear an indie-band with those tricked-out, over-produced, precision-tuned vocals and I won’t be able to resist....

Where: Artpark
When: Tue Jul. 24, 6:30pm

[ROCK] Fresh off a series of dates with the Avett Brothers and The Magpie Salute, which included at least one show that was dedicated to Pink Floyd’s Dark...

When: Tue Jul. 24, 7:00pm

[FUNK] The Elmwood Village Association’s Summer Concert Series continues this week with a concert from funky indie rock band Randle...

When: Tue Jul. 24, 7:30pm

[ROCK] There are a lot of fakers out there, but the Struts don’t seem to be one of them.

When: Tue Jul. 24, 8:00pm

[ROCK] Grammy nominated (yep) hard rock band, Alien Ant Farm return to Buffalo for a show at Buffalo Iron Works on...

Pictured: Every Time I Die
When: Wed Jul. 25, 11:00am

[PUNK] The final edition of the Vans Warped Tour comes through Western New York on Wednesday, July 25 at Darien...

When: Wed Jul. 25, 5:00pm

[POP] You can bet that this will be one of the more popular Live at Larkin concerts this summer.

When: Wed Jul. 25, 7:00pm

[ROCK] Jenny Lewis’s musical journey is a captivating one for those willing to listen. Her last album, 2014’s The Voyager, found...