When: Thu Aug. 24, 5:00pm

[FESTIVAL] In an interview a few weeks ago, Night Lights Music Festival founder Brian Enright told us about the philosophy behind the jam-...

When: Thu Aug. 24, 6:00pm

[TRIBUTE] On January 30, 1969 the Beatles played a 42-minute set on top of the Apple Corps building in London.

When: Thu Aug. 24, 7:00pm

[TRIBUTE] There was a time when all female metal cover bands seemed like a novel idea… now, frankly, it’s a hackneyed format.

When: Thu Aug. 24, 8:00pm

[COMEDY] Andrew Schulz is a mansplainer.

When: Fri Aug. 25, 7:00pm

[COUNTRY] At 41, with seven million albums sold and 27 million singles (yep, that’s a shitload), Luke Bryan is one of modern country’s most...

When: Sat Aug. 26, 10:00am

[FESTIVAL] This weekend, the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts will celebrate its 18th year by inviting hundreds of artists and musicians to a six block...

When: Sat Aug. 26, 12:00pm

[HIP HOP] “Hip-hop is a beautiful culture. It’s inspirational because it’s a culture of survivors.

Where: Silo City
When: Sat Aug. 26, 7:00pm

[EXPERIMENTAL] Hey, there’s some more great, interesting, and fascinating art projects and events down at Silo City, what else is new?

Where: Milkie's
When: Sat Aug. 26, 9:00pm

[PUNK] After the tape leaked of Donald Trump discussing about sexually assaulting women by grabbing them by the pussy, a bunch of counter-slogans began...

Where: TBA
When: Sat Aug. 26, 10:00pm

[ELECTRONIC/DANCE] DJs Jessa Zenger and Jena Nixon return to Buffalo for a one-night-only warehouse party this ...

When: Sun Aug. 27, 5:00pm

[PUNK] Some of New York City’s heaviest and most historic bands will stomp through the Mohawk Place over the coming weeks, beginning with...

When: Sun Aug. 27, 7:00pm

[ROCK] Say what you will about John Mayer, but he’s already having the last laugh.

Where: Artpark
When: Tue Aug. 29, 6:30pm

[ROCK] Financially speaking, if you could own the rights to any single song of the rock era, you’d be hard pressed to pick better than “Born to be Wild,”...

When: Tue Aug. 29, 7:00pm

[ROCK] A supergroup of sorts, Stick Men is a proggy King Crimson spinoff with a twist: the Chapman Stick, which sounds a bit like slap-bass...