When: Fri Mar. 24, 8:00pm
[INFRINGEMENT] The next fundraiser for the “non-profit-driven, non-hierarchical” takes place much sooner, this Friday at Mohawk Place.
When: Fri Mar. 24, 8:00pm

[LIT] Last week on St.

When: Fri Mar. 24, 8:30pm

[POP] There are plenty of Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but Who’s Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience is far from just...

Where: Milkie's
When: Fri Mar. 24, 9:00pm

[ELECTRONIC/DANCE] The next edition of Dance Yrself Clean: A Hipster Dance Party happens this Friday, March 24 at ...

When: Fri Mar. 24, 9:00pm

[INDIE] Continuing their winter concert series at Lockhouse Distillery this week, Sunbeam Entertainment presents Buffalo indie rock band Mutual...

When: Sat Mar. 25, 5:00pm

[BENEFIT] The plight of the so-called #Buffalo25—a host of local, undocumented restaurant workers who were arrested last

When: Sat Mar. 25, 8:00pm
[ELECTRONIC/DANCE] Bear Grillz brings his light up mask to party at Town Ballroom on Saturday.
When: Sat Mar. 25, 8:00pm

[POP] Canadian pop singer Dan Hill has released over a dozen albums since his 1975 debut, and his duets with Vonda Shepard (of Ally...

When: Sat Mar. 25, 9:00pm

[ROCK] As a unit, Igor Yuzov and his Red Elvises are one of a kind.

When: Sat Mar. 25, 9:00pm

[JAM] If you’re into fancy genre titles, I guess you could call Primate Fiasco “jamtronica”—a cross between a jam band and an electronica group.

When: Sun Mar. 26, 7:00pm
[PUNK] This Sunday at the Waiting Room is the first time that all of the original members of Fishbone will play together in some 25 years.
When: Sun Mar. 26, 8:00pm

[ELECTRONIC/DANCE] Bit pop is a type of electronic music that emulates sounds sourced from classic video game consoles like NES, Game Boy, and Sega Genesis...

Where: Dreamland
When: Tue Mar. 28, 7:00pm
[INDIE] The Lopez brings their ecstatic sound to Dreamland this Tuesday.