Where: Artpark
When: Sat May. 26, 7:00pm

[ROCK] What better way to indicate that your band is changing direction than to bring in a synthesizer?

When: Sat May. 26, 8:00pm

[HIP HOP] This month, Post Malone joined a club that includes some of the most iconic artists of all time, including the Beatles.

When: Sat May. 26, 9:00pm

[FOLK] Five-piece Americana band Little Mountain Band will bring their jammy stylings back to Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar ...

When: Tue May. 29, 12:00pm

[GAY PRIDE] Buffalo Pride Week kicks off on Tuesday, May 29 with the annual Flag Raising ceremony, hosted...

Richard Huntington, Dick Tracey Under the Gun, acrylic on paper, 22 x 14”, 2001. This piece, along with works by 39 other artists, will be auctioned next Thursday, May 31, as part of the annual Hallwalls fundraising auction.
When: Thu May. 31, 7:00pm

[FUNDRAISER] Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center has been providing aha! moments to this writer for going on 35 years.