Map: The Waterfront

by / May. 25, 2016 3am EST

Some local spots to take advantage of near the water…

 1   Bouquard’s Boat Livery / 1581 Fuhrmann BLVD

They are not the most beautiful vessels, but the rentals are cheap, and the family has been renting them forever. Get on the water.

 2  Charlie’s Boat Yard / 1111 Fuhrmann BLVD

We all long for the great good place to eat and drink right on the water. This is our newest effort; this could be it. Make it so with your presence.

 3  Times Beach / Coast Guard Station S Rd

It was a beach, then a dump ground, and now a wildlife habitat on a hugely significant bird migration route. A model for post-industrial reclamation.

 4  Silo City / 100 Silo City Row

A different model for post-industrial reclamation, in which the  infrastructure that once made this region wealthy makes it wealthy again—this time as a venue for the arts.

 5  Swannie House / 170 Ohio St

Not merely one of the oldest extant bars in Buffalo, the place has it own dock on the Buffalo River. Because Jimmy Griffin himself demanded one.

 6  Milo’s / 126 Michigan Ave

It’s not always open. When it is, you’ll be surprised how much space there is in that little shack of a diner. Do not be surprised by the pleasant service and terrific food.

 7  Queen City Bike Ferry / 44 Prime St 

It might seem silly if it weren’t, in fact, the most practical and most fun way to travel between Buffalo’s Inner and Outer Harbor. Cheap, too—$1—and it lands you right in front of Times Beach.