"#josiethedogg #ThePublicPet" –@stevekarosik
"#josiethedogg #ThePublicPet" –@stevekarosik

Our Picks of #ThePublicPet

by / Sep. 2, 2015 1pm EST

Every day we check our Instagram feed for the latest photos of your pets posing with a copy of The Public. All it takes is a great photo, a simply tag of @publicbflo, and the hashtag #thepublicpet to submit yours! Here are our picks that went to print this week, so go grab a copy and flip to the backpage to enjoy them in person.




#josiethedogg #ThePublicPet

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 Make sure to submit your instagrams for consideration by tagging @publicbflo and using the hashtag #thepublicpet!