Map: Around Allentown

by / Jun. 8, 2016 2am EST

 Some local spots to visit during the Allentown Art Festival… 

 1   Billy Club / 228 Allen St

If you feel like you’ve aged out of Allentown, Billy Club beckons. With a dedication to whiskey and a refined menu, they’re redefining nights out on Allen.

 2  Giacobbi’s / 59 Allen St

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Jacobbi family has relocated a suburban favorite (formerly Carmine’s on Transit) bringing Italian back to Allentown. Grazie!

 3  Allentown Pizza / 94 Elmwood Ave

Smack-dab in the middle of the Allen West portion of the art festival, Allentown Pizza is one of the few spots in Buffalo that slings vegan pizza by the slice.

 4  The Flo / 230 Allen St

It might be hectic in Allentown this weekend for the annual Allentown Art Festival, so if you need some peace and quiet, pop into Flo. Once you step into their flotation therapy tank, nothing else in the world even exists.

 5  Lenox Grill / 230 Allen St

A few months ago I had a friend come in from the West Coast. He’s the kind of guy who has hot takes about beer. I took him to the Lenox…for three straight days.

 6  Cafe Taza / 100 Elmwood Ave

A bit of old Allentown. The cafe itself is reminiscent of larger cities that host a coffee shop anywhere it’ll fit. It’s charming, and if you wait around long enough, you’ll see every Buffalo artist pass through.