Map: Grant Street

by / Apr. 27, 2016 3am EST

 Some of our favorites near Grant Street… 

 1   Bobby’s Price Rite Market / 326 W. Delavan Ave

What every corner store aspires to be or was once before big-box supermarkets. Convenient items including fresh produce and a full-service butcher in the back. Family-owned and friendly.

 2  Sunday Skate Shop / 212 Grant St

The skate shop which doubles as community center in its new digs on Grant Street. There’s no shady Potomac Avenue as training space, but there is that vacant lot at Auburn…

 3  African Market / 355 Grant St

A staple grocer in the Somali community. Grab a few sambusas a fried doughs to go; you won’t be disappointed.

 4  Guercio & Sons / 250 Grant St

So much to love. Above all might be the special sandwiches for $4.99—the meatless “Vincenzo” and the “Guercio.” God bless.

 5  West Side Stories / 205 Grant St

Really nice local interest section opposite the front counter, including Tim Tielman’s 1990 waterfront guidebook and the iconic 1981 Buffalo Architecture: A Guide on a recent visit.

 6  Frontier Liquor / 121 Grant St

As a liquor store, it’s just fine. A Bermuda triangle of The Public papers. We deliver 100 every Wednesday, and by Thursday they get disappeared like socialists under Pinochet.

 7  Freddy J’s / 195 Grant St

Rumor has it Freddy will be moving soon, so get in for the eggs and grits—our usual order—or, if you are feeling decadent, his signature fried chicken with red velvet waffles. That’s right, red velvet waffles.