Form Over Function by Mark Thomas Duggan.
Form Over Function by Mark Thomas Duggan.

Centerfold: Form Over Function

by / Apr. 8, 2015 12am EST

Form Over Function by Mark Thomas Duggan

Man’s best friend continues to live up to his watch dog duties by guarding a unique living room in Tacloban, Leyte.  The owner of this home, like so many others that were in the path of Haiyan, attempts to cling to normalcy by returning his damaged furniture and useless electronics to their former positions despite the fact that the room completely lacks walls and any form of ceiling or roof to protect them from the elements.  Although the realities of the outside environment are accessible to the extent of being invasive, the inside maintains the status quo.  Through interesting techniques like this display of resiliency, the same can be said of this canine’s master.’

Buffalo, NY native, Mark Thomas Duggan, recently returned from four years volunteering in The Republic of the Philippines as an artist, educator, and disaster documentarian.