Map: Around the Taste of Diversity

by / Jun. 22, 2016 2am EST

A few local spots to visit during the Taste of Diversity on Grant Street… 

 1   Rust Belt Books / 415 Grant St. ​

It’s the safest place for literate folks in this city. If you spend less than an hour perusing the shelves, then you’re misusing your precious time.

 2  Sunday Skate Shop  / 212 Grant St.​

The Public now occupies the space that Sunday held down for years. We don’t hold a candle to them. Go visit their new spot this weekend.

 3  Sweet_ness 7 / 220 Grant St.

Used to be you came here for as cup of coffee. Now you can go there for a beer, too. Say hi to owner Prish Moran, one of the city’s great good people.

 4  West Side Bazaar / 25 Grant St. ​

Some go for the dim sum, others for the Ethiopian or Burmese plates. We go for the clothes—sarongs, t-shirts, various sundries.

 5  Guercio’s ​/ 250 Grant St.

Talking about the deli. Talking about vegetarian sandwiches. Talking about big-ass cans of stuffed grape leaves for cheap.

 6  Black Dots Record Store / 223 Lafayette Ave.

Nothing is more perfect than a punk rock record store in a basement. But Black Dots on Grant Street has more than punk and hardcore records. You’re also likely to find some great Wu Tang cuts and probably some NWA too.