Watch: Nagging Parents Come to Life 30 Years Later

by / Mar. 25, 2015 11pm EST

Thirty years ago a smartass teenager in Buffalo fought against his parents’ conservative values by documenting them, and the results in this short video are both hilarious and touching. Presumably, Mike Cohen recorded his parents on cassette tape as they rifled through the exotic landscape of a teenager’s bedroom infected by rock and roll. 

It’s a brilliant micro-story, for which one could only hope there exists enough recorded conversations for a longer video or graphic novel to come to light. But if not, we can bask in the glow of the timeless and universal generational conflict that this video provides. 

Maybe it’s just me—as fellow son to a politically conservative father and as a Jewish father myself—but I find the voice of the grumpy father to be particularly endearing as he struggles to find any common values with his son.