Feature Friday by Rise Collaborative: Four of this Week's Best Instagrammers

by / Sep. 18, 2015 11am EST

Editor’s note: Each week Buffalo lifestyle brand Rise Collaborative scour Instagram for their favorite locally sourced images. Each Friday we at The Public will feature a few of their favorites, along with a little bit of info from the photographers themselves. To submit your Instagram photo use the hashtag #FFRisePublic

1. @colebki

“The photo was taken at the old Bigelo Bridge in Springville. It is a panorama of a couple long exposure shots. This is one of my favorite spots to shoot the night sky. It’s a great location with not a lot of light pollution. Also, while standing on the bridge, if you look straight up it feels like millions of stars are above you!”

2. @laurenspoth 

“Everyone has something they’re obsessed with, the thing they save for/spend all of their money on because it’s just THAT GOOD. Shopping, Tim Horton’s, season tickets (#gobills), concerts. Everyone has their ‘thing’ and for me that thing is travel. I was bitten by the travel bug in college while studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and since then have made it a point to travel as much as I can. Throughout the year I feed my wanderlust by exploring new places locally and throughout the US then taking one ‘big’ trip…and this year’s grand adventure brought me to Iceland. Iceland is a truly magical place and if you ask anyone who’s ever ventured to the land of fire and ice you’ll end up listening to them rave on for hours—which is exactly how I ended up here. Iceland is said to have been formed by repeated volcanic eruptions and fissures and now the landscape looks like a gorgeous combination of Mars and something out of a Dr. Seuss book. The best way to see and appreciate this one-of-a-kind place is by renting a car and driving around, stopping at places like this waterfall which aren’t in any tourist brochures, maps, heck even most locals probably don’t know about some of them.

We stumbled across this gem while driving east from Höfn to Egilsstaðir on Route 1 (a.k.a. the Ring Road/the only main road in the country) when the road to our destination split and we could either continue along the main road or head off the beaten path on road F939. The rocky, gravel road through the mountains seemed a lot more interesting than the same stretch of highway we had been on for hours so we turned left and after many twists and turns were rewarded with this beauty and the view that came with it. There are actually hundreds of waterfalls in Iceland thanks to all the glaciers they have lying around, but this one was a bit more special than the rest. My favorite thing about Iceland is just when you’ve think you’ve seen the most amazing/beautiful/can’t-be-beat thing you’ve ever seen you turn the corner and are wowed all over again, and that is exactly how you fall in love with traveling.”


Just when you think you’ve seen enough waterfalls to last a lifetime one like this comes along

A photo posted by Lauren Spoth (@laurenspoth) on

3. @uryedames

“This photo was taken at 6400 Sheridan Drive. There are many offices in the building but it was taken right outside the YourCare HQ inside the atrium. It’s a space I admire and find extremely relaxing. I’m currently working on a unique everything-Buffalo framed art wall in my office in finding architecturally unique spaces like this locally are all inspiring.”


See you at 11am on October 3. Main and Delevan gates for our first Instameet.