Untitled (Cindy, from MTC Series) by Robert Longo
Untitled (Cindy, from MTC Series) by Robert Longo

Cover Art: Untitled (Cindy, from MTC Series)

by / Jun. 10, 2015 1am EST

From Cindy Sherman’s Introduction to the 130-page hardcover book ROBERT LONGO: MEN IN THE CITIES PHOTOGRAPHS (Schirmer/Mosel, Munich, 2009):

“…Robert and I often helped each other out during our art-making. We both used cameras as tools for different purposes. When I wanted to work on location his van was my make-shift dressing room and he was the cameraman. When he wanted to make some photographs of people in mid-air to base his drawings on, I was happy to participate. His photos were a means to an end. I don’t think he appreciated how good they were on their own.

“Today, not having seen them for so many years, these photos leave me with a very nostalgic feeling—it was just the beginning for all of us, our whole lives ahead, anything could happen.…Robert and I  had moved to the city only a couple years earlier from Buffalo, where we’d met at college. We’d moved into a loft on South Street after about a year, so seeing the view in these photos from the roof of that building adds an extra special sentiment. Mostly, the setting just looks pretty terrific and dramatic.

“I knew most of the people who posed for Robert, not all. Some I still keep in touch with, others I haven’t seen since that time. Some were very close friends of mine, some I only knew through Robert. A few were friends from Buffalo, where we went to college.…”

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Untitled (Cindy, from MTC Series)

198½014, A/P 3/10
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14 x 18 in (framed)
Courtesy of the artist
$1,000 to $3,000