Feature Friday by Rise Collaborative

by / Jun. 5, 2015 10am EST

Editor’s note: Each week Buffalo lifestyle brand Rise Collaborative scour Instagram for their favorite locally sourced images. Each Friday we at The Public will feature a few of their favorites, along with a little bit of info from the photographers themselves. To submit your Instagram photo use the hashtag #FFRisePublic.

1. @bflobill

“This is a shot of Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval performing at Kleinhan’s Music Hall last Friday. Sandoval is the protégé of jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie and is considered to be one of the greatest trumpeters of all time. This photo captures the style of Kleinhan’s iconic amphitheater designed in 1938 by father-son architect team, Eliel & Eero Saarinen, who believed that a concert hall should be a musical instrument in and of itself. They put that theory into practice through acoustic ingenuity that creates an audio experience unlike any other. Not only does it sound great but its photogenic to boot. Kleinhan’s will always be a timeless Buffalo classic.”


Artúro Sandoval

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 2. @sevenoneflix

“I agree with you that it’s a very under-appreciated place, and I kinda found it by accident. I made a wrong turn one day off of Ridge Rd trying to get to Tift Street, and the way the road goes, you sort of have no choice but to drive through the park. Amazing place really—lots of room to walk your dog on both sides of the canal, a cool little pedestrian bridge to cross, great little signs built into the railings commemorating our steel industry heritage, and grassy hills for the kids to run up and down. And, of course, there is that huge and amazing iron ladle that is mounted in such a way you can’t help but be reminded of a giant head with two eye holes, a nose, and ears!

As for this picture; I was set up to do a time-lapse a few yards away to catch the sunrise over the canal. As time-lapses go, once you set up the shot and begin recording, there isn’t really much else to do but wait and look around. Lucky for me I had a second camera with me and discovered if you get really low to the ground, the sun lines up perfect with the ‘sun hole’ in the railing sign. The birds flew over at the perfect time, and I was just lucky enough to be there to capture the moment. Buffalo is special place, being one of the only cities on the east coast where you can watch the sunset over the water. But, in my opinion, The Union Ship Canal is the place to go if you enjoy watching the sunrise.”


“Scratching my head after another failed attempt at C-walking across the entire Skyway, I stopped into Pearl Street to not only rehydrate, but also to log onto in order to prepare myself for the annual onslaught of summer veins. After a cold pop, I started strutting home while flipping through the varicose vein pics, when a conundrum presented itself. If a set of veins happened to spell out the name, Hasan Hasan (a long lost friend from elementary school), would this classify as using his name in vein? As I turned my inquisitive gaze to the heavens, I noticed that in that moment, the building responsible for raising green flags across the city looked like a sandworm rising out of the dunes of Arrakis and I said ‘Damn, that looks Thicke like Alan.’ So I snapped a pic, posted it on the Gram, then dipped into St. Paul’s Cathedral for a quick atonement of some sins I committed back in 83’.”


One M&T Plaza

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4. @whoisjimwood
“I am very fortunate to live and work in Buffalo. It has been very exciting documenting the growth over the past few years. Most of my photos are captured while commuting/exploring via bike; I am always seeking new spots that locals may not be familiar with, and enjoy showing off our masterpieces with out of towners on the instagram community.”



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