Map: Riverside Park

by / Aug. 3, 2016 2am EST

Get out and explore the Riverside Park neighborhood and VegFest… 

  1   Riverside Park / 2607 Niagara St

Designed by Olmsted’s firm after his retirement, the park that sits on a bluff overlooking the Niagara River on Buffalo’s northwest corner will host this weekend’s VegFest.

 2  Riverwalk Trail + Bike Path

Connected to Riverside Park by a pedestrian bridge where the river splits around Grand Island, the riverwalk trail is a highlight the area’s bikeways and waterfront access.

 3  Lin Restaurant / 927 Tonawanda St 

Homegrown restaurant serving Thai and Burmese comfort food by eager-to-please staff. Whatever your order, finish with the mango ice cream.

 4  Suzy Q’s / 2829 Niagara St

Like the neighborhood around it, not much has changed about this place in decades; you’ll get treated like family while eating some of the best BBQ in WNY. 

 5  Croatian Club / 226 Condon Ave

The time-capsule bar inside the Holy Name of Jesus Croatian Fraternal Union Lodge #557, or simply the Cro, opens over the weekend for beers and slivovitz.

 6  Riverside Cafe / 800 Tonawanda St

Breakfast sandwiches start at $1.99.

 7  Eddie’s River Grill / 70 Aqua Ln

An almost private slice of the river shared with Stinger’s Marina, for an area short on waterfront dining options, Eddie’s goes above and beyond. Pub food with seafood features and live music on weekends.