Feature Friday by Rise Collaborative

by / Sep. 4, 2015 10am EST

Editor’s note: Each week Buffalo lifestyle brand Rise Collaborative scour Instagram for their favorite locally sourced images. Each Friday we at The Public will feature a few of their favorites, along with a little bit of info from the photographers themselves. To submit your Instagram photo use the hashtag #FFRisePublic

1. @artiswhy 

“I was out on a hot summer afternoon with black and white shots in mind. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and wondered if this police man was aware of his cruiser’s perfect alignment with the distant City Hall.”

2. @zackowicz 

“I’m a DC transplant born in the Buffalo suburbs. I came back home for a visit and went out with my friend for a nice Saturday drive in his doorless jeep. No doors means you get awesome photo angles. As we were driving out towards Letchworth we passed over many train tracks. I shot this one as we passed over a set of tracks near Attica. It was surprising how clear the picture turned out as the tracks bumped the car around and I was shooting handheld with my Canon 70D. After transferring the photo to my phone I did some noir black and white filtering with small adjustments on my iPhone and some additional tweaks in Instagram. Whenever I’m back in town it’s always fun to just go shoot. I’ll be back soon for more photo adventures!”

3. @nateperacciny

“I recently took a weekend trip to Boston to clear my head. My one true love is visual storytelling. Not the stereotypical hallmark card love, but more like being in love with an Italian woman that rocks your soul and may or may not throw a wine glass at you. You learn to trust your instincts and love whatever life throws at you. Time and pressure are the true kings and queens. I waited for about 10 minutes for these ladies to walk by while exploring the Boston Commons. Glad I did.”



A photo posted by Nate Peracciny (@nateperacciny) on

4. @leonarcj 

“We rode our bikes into Elmwood Village and spent a couple hours walking the festival. We went from vendor to vendor, beer tent to beer tent—an excellent way to spend a warm afternoon. With the warm days coming to a close, the festival is a nice way to bookend the summer months.”



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