Map: St. Paddy's Parade

by / Mar. 18, 2016 11am EST

 Some points of interest near this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

 1    Starbucks + Spot / ​Delaware + Chippewa

The dueling corner coffee shops duke it out on parade day for longest bathroom line. 

 2   Betty’s  / 370 Virginia St

Delightful, flavorful food. The garden in front does not double as a urinal.

 3   Empty Bar  / 561 Delaware Ave

This is where Colter Bay used to be! Time will only tell where the green throng of baseball caps will migrate to this year.

 4   The Old Arby’s / 537 Delaware ave

The home of the worst meat sandwiches on the planet hosted the infamous 2010 St. Paddy’s Day donnybrook. Now a parking lot where tailgaters from Lancaster set up shop by 8am. Do not punch your neighbor. Do not eat the corned beef.

 5   Cornell House / 484 Delaware Ave

Where attorney Tom Eoannou held the fake rape kit and days later withdrew from defending the alleged Pat Kane rape victim. Great party on parade day.  

 6   Barrel + Brine / 257 Carolina St

Your one stop shop for a pickle juice hangover serum. Their Bloody Mary pickles make for a great hair of the dog remedy.

 7   The Couch / Delaware + North

Come sit on the couch! Revelers annually induce a host of dignitaries and other parade characters to take a brief load off.  

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