Cover Art: Bobby Griffiths at Cafe Taza

by / Oct. 5, 2016 12am EST

Let’s be square about this: The best parts about the First Friday gallery walks in Allentown are the stops between galleries, the catch-ups with folks making the stroll, and the grand sight of hundreds of people, new to the neighborhood, picking their way from one venue to the next. Let us all, the habitués, wave those newcomers into Cafe Taza on Friday night. It is no longer the only little coffee shop in town, nor the only cafe to feature work by local artists. But Taza this week has a show worth a visit and a take-away coffee: Bobby Griffiths, this week’s Public cover artist, is featured. Stop in, learn the work, learn the place.


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BOBBY GRIFFITHS is a local painter and habitue of Cafe Taza, which hosts an exhibit of his work opening Friday. See more of his art here.