Feature Friday by Rise Collaborative

by / Jun. 26, 2015 9am EST

Editor’s note: Each week Buffalo lifestyle brand Rise Collaborative scour Instagram for their favorite locally sourced images. Each Friday we at The Public will feature a few of their favorites, along with a little bit of info from the photographers themselves. To submit your Instagram photo use the hashtag #FFRisePublic.

1. @csgroi_photog

“I’ve been photographing Buffalo’s underbelly for about three years now. It’s an exercise of catharsis more than anything, as it serves my personality to go out and photograph, slow things down, and capture a moment frozen by the quality of the light and the way I see it. I’m constantly enthralled by the nooks and crannies that exist right under my nose; it’s always a small victory to find a new place to add to the internal roadmap of what Buffalo is to me. This is a place I feel I don’t know all that well but desperately want to, so I try to find it in the bridge underpasses and foggy pocket parks and dilapidated buildings that once sprawled with the life-blood of this city.”


A photo posted by @csgroi_photog on

2. @bwill716

“My name is Brett. I’m a married 41-year-old hobby photographer living in Orchard Park. I’ve lived in Western New York my entire life except for about eight months I spent in Phoenix and two years at Syracuse University studying architecture. My amazing wife introduced me to photography almost three years ago. Back then I used my Galaxy phone, but this year I started shooting with a Canon T3i. Almost all the shots I post to IG come from my DSLR, but once in a while I sneak in a cellphone snap. For what I post on IG, I tend to focus on abandoned, decaying, and forgotten places. Luckily (or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint) Buffalo is blessed with many great abandoned locations to shoot. Some find beauty in the decay, and other don’t. I also love to shoot downtown, on the waterfront or at Woodlawn Beach, Tifft Farm, sometimes even in my own backyard. Although the Buffalo skyline is prominent in this shot, it was taken in the early evening from an upper floor of an abandoned school. Some Photoshop ‘magic’ helped transform the colors ino what you see in the final result.”


A photo posted by • B R Ξ Τ Τ • (@bwill716) on

3. @gbnrtc

“Whether it’s bicycle, bus, light rail, car, or anything in between—the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC) is focused on improving all modes of transportation in Erie and Niagara Counties. Since public input is vital to our transportation planning process, photos on our Instagram account are usually of transportation projects and initiatives throughout the region. (Feedback on those projects and initiatives is welcome anytime!) I try to maintain a broad perspective of transportation options, so I vary the way I travel around as much as possible—and as a result many of the pictures I share on IG are what I see along the way. This picture was taken on a recent bike ride around South Park in South Buffalo.”


A photo posted by GBNRTC (@gbnrtc) on

4. @giovannicenturione

“This photo is of a 5k tap run that began outside my office in Lafayette Square last Saturday afternoon. Born and raised in Buffalo, Instagramming here is fun. So much to capture and always something going on to snap. I lived in NYC for 12 years and moved back to Buffalo in November of 2009 because of all the positive changes. I wanted to be a part of it all, as well as witness it. I have no regrets.”