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published on Dec. 15, 2016 5am

Convince me that it’s somehow too strong to call Chris Collins a traitor.

published on Sep. 30, 2019 6pm

This is the second — and hopefully the last — epitaph I need to write on the political career of Christopher Collins. The first is here.

published on Oct. 4, 2016 6am

When Trump fanboy Chris Collins is challenged by a journalist, he loses his c

published on Apr. 17, 2016 7am

My Congressman, Chris Collins, has endorsed Donald Trump.

published on Aug. 2, 2016 7am

The genius of the Trump campaign is the way in which the candidate can be so easily baited into making an outrageously racist or otherwise insensitive statement, allowing the matter to pivot from the substance of the underlying claim to Trump’s own petulant demeanor. 

published on May. 20, 2016 5am

Either Donald Trump is a liar, or Chris Collins is a dupe. Possibly, all of the above are true.

published on Mar. 28, 2016 8am

Chris Collins’ and Carl Paladino’s Trump protection racket laid bare.

published on Jun. 7, 2018 4pm


published on Sep. 20, 2018 6am

Dave Greber tweeted this Wednesday afternoon, and it perfectly and succinctly sums up Chris Collins’ (NY-27) sense of honor and duty, if not consistency: 

published on Jan. 6, 2017 6am

What do you call it when a sitting member of Congress drafts legislation, which passes and then results in a direct personal financial gain? I call it “Corruption 101” and it’s the stuff that 3rd world kleptocracies are made of.