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published on Oct. 17, 2017 6am

As Vice President Michael Pence parachutes into Buffalo to raise money for Congressman Chris Collins—then makes his hasty escape—consider where the money is&

published on Oct. 29, 2018 7am

There is no bigger Buffalo fluffer of right-wing power and talking points than the Buffalo News’ Bob McCarthy. He published three articles Sunday — one on fascist wino Steve Bannon and two concerning the Christopher Collins crime syndicate.

published on Jul. 31, 2017 6am

Later today, Representative Chris Collins (NY-27) is expected to introduce something called the “Second Amendment Guarantee Act”, or “SAGA”.

published on May. 25, 2017 7am

Wednesday afternoon, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its score of the Trumpcare bill.

published on Aug. 22, 2018 6am

Why do we award public lands to single developers? Why is the Collins replacement fraud allowed to proceed?

published on Mar. 30, 2017 5am

It’s an Obama-era regulation with such broad support, even many Breitbart commenters can’t believe it’s being repea

published on Apr. 3, 2018 7am

Last week, I wrote of Chris Collins’ extraordinarily hyperbolic attacks on his young constituents: There were a lot of moms, dads, and kids at those marches.

published on Jul. 20, 2015 6am

The Buffalo News’ headline announces that there have been ten heroin overdoses in just 24 hours.

published on May. 5, 2015 8am

The tea party accuses me of fabricating Carl Paladino’s sexually explicit and racist emails from 2010, and now we get to revisit the whole thing.

published on Jan. 21, 2015 12pm

I confess — it was the first State of the Union I’d missed in years. Jet-lagged from a quick transatlantic trip to mourn the loss of a dear relative, I didn’t make it past 9:15.