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published on Jun. 14, 2016 8am

Representative Chris Collins (NY-27), a prominent Trump campaign surrogate, appeared on WBEN’s morning show on Tuesday to react to the massacre of patrons at an LGBT club in Orlando. 

published on Oct. 16, 2018 7am

Nate McMurray has momentum and is in a statistical tie with Chris Collins. Collins, on the other hand, has seen his support effectively collapse, and there are new questions about possible illegality.

published on Jan. 9, 2020 5am

This is the text of a letter I sent to U.S.D.J. Vernon S. Broderick in connection with Chris Collins.

published on Nov. 4, 2018 5pm

Election Day is Tuesday November 6th. Please vote to send Nate McMurray to Congress.  Nate McMurray is the smartest and most exciting new Democratic politician I’ve seen in this area in a long time. 

published on Apr. 15, 2018 8am

Did you hear the news? Mike Zak is running for Congress on the Green Party line. 

published on Apr. 9, 2017 7am

In April 2017, Congressman Chris Collins uncritically cheered President Trump’s military strike against Syria — the same type of action that President Obama had proposed in 2013, and which Collins vehemently opposed as “ill-conceived”.

published on Aug. 14, 2018 6am

It doesn’t matter. The campaign script is already written: just insert alt-right Trump avatar.

published on Mar. 24, 2017 10am

Representative Chris Collins is one of the biggest cheerleaders for Trumpcare, which will cost Americans more money for no guarantee of coverage for essential medical services, and throw 24 million people off their health insurance. Mr.

published on Sep. 12, 2018 6am

Nick Langworthy tells Channel 4 that the Democrats in #NY27 want to win on a “technicality”.