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published on Jun. 4, 2015 2pm

Pigeoning: pi·geon·ing \ˈpi-jən-iŋ\: (n) the action of using money and influence, oftentimes pushing the election law envelope, to actively sabotage and undermine the Erie County Democratic Committee

published on Oct. 25, 2018 10am

1. 501c3/c4 Restrictions Mike Nolan is just a “selfless first responder” at the Jamison Road Fire Hall. They’ve suffered “threats” and “harrassment” because they hosted noted neo-fascist Steve Bannon at their firehall. 

published on Jul. 17, 2019 6am

The concentration camps and the White House’s daily parade of insults and embarrassments are quite difficult for people to wrap their heads around.

published on May. 12, 2016 5am

If you live in Niagara County, the law says you have to vote in Niagara County. There’s no “Rus Thompson / Grand Island” exception.

published on Mar. 11, 2016 5am

Donald Trump may not be a fascist, but he plays one on TV.

published on Jan. 26, 2017 6am

Either unable to believe he actually won, or unable to stomach the fact that he dramatically lost the popular vote, President Donald Trump insists that there was rampant voter fraud affecting the 2016 election.

published on Jul. 19, 2016 6am

Our man in Cleveland, Marquil from EmpireWire, sends back pages from his sketchpad. 

published on Dec. 20, 2018 10am

Except it’s not nearly as simple as commentators and the media are making it out to be.

published on Nov. 9, 2016 6am

It’ll be okay. If you’re white and speak English without an accent. And preferably male.

published on Jul. 20, 2016 6am

Our man in Cleveland, Marquil from EmpireWire, transmits his sketches from day two of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.