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published on Apr. 10, 2019 5am

Dear Sir, Thank you for your transmittal of April 8th. The “bad old ways” were the times when a former Democratic chairman —  deposed for being a divisive failure — undertook a well-funded, two-decades-long political jihad to systemically weaken the party committee he hoped again to run, and scorched Democrats who were trying to better their communities.

published on Jun. 7, 2016 6am

Buffalo’s most prominent equine pornography enthusiast and “not racist” racist, Carl Paladino, appeared on CNN Monday to defend fellow “not racist” racist, Donald Trump. 

published on Jul. 1, 2016 6am

Pigeonism is over. No longer can that individual credibly participate in any electoral process, anywhere.

published on Sep. 7, 2017 10pm

In a Buffalo News column Thursday, Conservative fusion Party boss Ralph Lorigo laments that “Erie County Democrats have abandoned the working class”.

published on Aug. 30, 2018 6am

In the ongoing scandal over the Buffalo Diocese’s predator pedophile priests, Carl Paladino has picked a side: he stands with the predators.

published on Feb. 16, 2017 5am

The intragovernmental tug-of-war over Presidential power is as old as the republic; there’s nothing new under the sun.

published on Aug. 30, 2016 7am

They say a person is known by the company she keeps.

published on Jun. 7, 2015 5am

On the seventh day of Preetsmas, my true love gave to me, seven spinners spinning

published on Apr. 1, 2015 5am

In most of our sleepy suburban communities in Western New York, school districts are run without much fuss.

published on Mar. 6, 2018 12pm

Nate McMurray confronts Chris Collins, Dave DiPietro puts his church in a tight spot.