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published on Mar. 16, 2015 2pm

[ART] There is no other day than Sunday to go and take an adventure up north.

published on Dec. 9, 2014 8pm

Buffalo’s venerable Squeaky Wheel Film & Arts Center, is the area’s longest running media resource center that provides opportunities for youth, adults and artists to create and exhibit their work. Squeaky Wheel will be turning 30 in the coming months, and moving to a new location.

published on Feb. 2, 2015 2pm

[ART] In using art to provoke questions and dialogue around the human condition, and the functionality of the collective memory, Millie Chen’s new installation, stain, is inspired by her recent visit to Tuol Sleng

published on Jan. 20, 2015 2pm

[ART] As part of the TopSpin series, under the curatorial direction of Michael Beam, every year the museum highlights three local/regional emerging artists whose phenomenal work stands out, and offers them their first solo exhibition and publication opportunity with an institution.

published on Jun. 8, 2015 3pm

[ART] Head over to Dreamland this Saturday and check out theirown curated art fair that includes works by dozens of local contemporary artists.

published on Mar. 23, 2015 12pm

[ART] To those that do not have an arts background, sometimes talking about what you see can be paralyzing and uncomfortable.

published on Feb. 16, 2015 3pm

[ART] If your New Year’s resolution was to take better care of yourself and become more involved with the arts and culture of the area, join instructor, Leanne Oldenbrook at the Albright-Knox this Saturday, for an art inspired yoga class.

published on Apr. 27, 2015 2pm

[ART] Don’t miss out on the Third Annual Spring Artists Sale, featuring work by more than 35 local artisans.

published on May. 18, 2015 12pm

[ART] This Friday, pop on over to Buffalo Arts Studio to see the three new exhibitions opening in their space.

published on Dec. 8, 2014 12pm

Buffalo’s venerable  Squeaky Wheel Film & Arts Center is the area’s longest running media resource center, providing opportunities for youth, adults and artists to create and exhibit their work.