Caitlin Cass: Benjamin Rathbun Builds Buffalo

[ART] Uncovering historical events of Western New York that some deem embarrassing and wishfully desire to be forgotten, Caitlin Cass as a local illustrator depicts these moments through a satirical lens with a heightened sensibility of line, color and story telling. This new series, “Benjamin Rathbun Builds Buffalo,” which appears in our centerfold for a third time this week, depicts the rise and fall of Buffalo’s greatest capitalist, Benjamin Rathbun. As the folklore goes, he built the building he ended up being imprisoned in. Come check out her new drawings and comics that recreate the past with a keen eye for humor on Friday, February 6 at Fargo House. Her witty take on history is worth the read, again and again.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


Fargo House

287 Fargo Ave.
Buffalo, NY