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Shakespeare in the Parking Lot
Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Infringement Festival 2016: Four Must See Theatre Events

by / Jul. 27, 2016 2am EST

Four theatre events to check out at Infringement Festival.

 “If You Love Buffalo So Much Why Don’t You Marry It?” 
Embrace the new Buffalo by declaring your commitment to it in public! An afternoon of performances including reverends, marching bands, poets, and more will be included in this ceremony. A bridal shower and stag will both take place the night before at Gypsy Parlor and Mohawk Place respectively. 3pm-4:30pm Saturday, August 6, Lafayette Square (ceremony), Expo Market (reception)

 Button Junk 
Known for bizarre, organic long-form improve comedy, Button Junk will amaze you as they create something from nothing in just 45 minutes. 4pm-5pm Friday, August 5, Rust Belt Books.

 Shakespeare in the Parking Lot 
Say goodbye to your loved ones and have your affairs in order, as you’re the star in some of Shakespeare’s best death scenes! 400 years after the demise of Shakespeare, this festival favorite returns as costumes and props are provided for you. All you need to bring is talent. 8:30pm-10:30pm Friday, July 29, Holley Farms Parking Lot

 You Can’t Tell Me What To Do 
Life is too short to constantly be told what to do or what not to do. Watch as four performers show off sideshow acts including glass eating, fire eating, contorting, sword swallowing, and more. 3pm-10pm Saturday, July 30, Hickory Urban Sanctuary; 7pm-10:15pm Thursday, August 4, Silo City (inside/outside)

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