Dining Out for Life

[FUNDRAISER] Here are the top three things about Dining Out for Life, in your humble correspondent’s estimation: 1) You get to—no, you are compelled to—go out to dinner at a place you have wanted to try (or to refresh the pleasures of an old familiar favorite), whether it’s a place you can or can’t really afford, knowing a significant portion of your check will be remitted to Evergreen Health, a nonprofit which provides a veritable rainbow of services to those affected by HIV/AIDS; 2) in doing so, you may be responding to the invitation of one of hundreds of ambassadors, your friends and neighbors, who adopt (or, really, are adopted by) a participating restaurant for the evening, so you’re scoring points there, too; 3) you might, as a result of your virtuous consumption, win a fabulous prize in a drawing held after the fact—just for showing up, eating a nice dinner, and filling out a form. There are, as ever, too many participating restaurants to list (visit for a list), and you’d do well to make a reservation: Thousands of folks turn out for this fundraiser. But if it’s a late, last-minute thing, don’t stay home. You can probably get a bite to eat at the bar, and that counts too. And maybe the restaurant’s ambassadors will be seated beside you, having spent the evening telling folks about how heartbreakingly great a night this is to be in a Western New York restaurant. And how glad they are to see you turn out, even now, at the late last minute, to show the love in your heart.


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