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by / Dec. 15, 2015 7pm EST

A handful of imaginative Buffalonians help you navigate the holiday season’s last call…

 Leslie Pickering 
Co-Founder of Burning Books

 Party Music 

Party Music reveals the never-before-heard story of the Black Panthers’ R&B band and how Black Power transformed soul music. 

 Censored 2016 

Read about the latest news that didn’t make the news, what has happened to previously censored stories, the latest Junk Food News and News Abuse propaganda, and learn about some of the front line organizations that exemplify media democracy in action in Censored 2016


When 13-year-old Ed Mead ends up in a prison for boys in his autobiography Lumpen, it’s the first step in a story of that will ultimately lead to the foundation of a Seattle-based urban guerrilla group called the George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism organizing with queer prisoners and much more.   

 Permaculture for the Rest of Us 

Jenni Blackmore’s Permaculture for the Rest of Us presents a highly entertaining, personal account of how permaculture can be practiced by those of us without ideal land access, allowing anyone to learn to live more sustainably in a less-than-perfect world.  

 Resistance to Ecocide 

In the illustrated Resistance to Ecocide, an apolitical computer programmer, an aspiring musician who joins the Occupy movement, a lovestruck community gardener, a militant bunny and a guinea pig theorist—try to halt the plans of evil corporate overlords bent on destroying the Earth for profit.  

 Counting on Community 

Counting up from one stuffed piñata to ten hefty hens–and always counting on each other–children are encouraged to recognize the value of their community, the joys inherent in healthy eco-friendly activities, and the agency they posses to make change in Counting on Community

All titles available at Burning Books, 420 Connecticut Street, 716-881-0791.

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