Buffalo Teacher Raps Against Common Core

by / Jan. 27, 2015 2pm EST

In The Public’s effort to constantly bring attention to local and regional education issues we came across a video for the song “We’re Teaching” by MC ZiLL.

Better known as Bennett High School teacher Jeff Grossi, MC ZiLL is fed up with the blame and obstacles local educators are facing recently. Rhyming on top of a hip hop beat Grossi artfully articulates the problems he and fellow teachers regularly encounter in their classrooms. Take a look:

“It’s not a race to the top
Blaming teachers has go to stop
Let’s shut this Common Core down
Educators gather ‘round
We’re teaching”

A note in the video’s YouTube description calls for parents and students who wish to opt out of standardized testing to visit for more info on changing the education system, and for other educators to visit to “join the movement and fight for the greater good of public education.

The song “We’re Teaching” will be released on iTunes and elsewhere February 19, with MC ZiLL and Katie Ann performing a online concert 9 PM the same night.

But before then, a rally is set to take place in support of MC ZiLL’s Bennett High School this Wednesday at 4:30 as the Buffalo Board of Education meets to decide on the fates of the four “out-of-time” schools. 

What do you think of the video and its message?