Welcome To The Future: New Year's Eve

[ROCK] This New Years Eve, Aircraft will be transforming Nietzsche’s into a spaceship and hosting a future-themed celebration to ring in 2015. For one night only, the venue will play vessel to a myriad of lights, lasers, and of course, live music. Alongside the four-piece psychedelic band, the lineup will include the Tins, Lesionread, and Equality Light and Knowledge. A photo-booth will be set up for all to use and champagne will be offered to cap off the year. Last week, we caught up with the members of Aircraft at their practice space, where they revealed some of their favorites of the year and some predictions for the future. 

Favorite live show of 2014:  James Waren: Halloween Show at the Hoyt House Justin John: Porches at the Glitterbox Tyler Skelton: Spoon’s surprise show at North By North East Ian Belknap: Tune Yards at Massey Hall.

Favorite hot sauce: JW: Loyd’s Rocket Sauce JJ: Sriracha TS: Tabasco IB: Franks 

Favorite cookie: JW: Chocolate Chip JJ: Sugar cookie with the reeses cup in the center TS: Macadamia Nut  IB: Peanut Butter cookies with the fork marks 

Sprinkles or No sprinkles JW: Absolutely no sprinkles JJ: No sprinkles TS: Sprinkles piss me off  IB: Rainbow Sprinkles

Will artificial intelligence supersede human intelligence?: JW: No JJ: No IB: Absolutely TS: Yes  

What will be the most popular mode of transportation in 2065? JW: The Moon Walk JJ: Monorail TS: Teleportation IB: Instantaneous Teleportation



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!



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