Single Mothers

[ROCK] In an interview with Pitchfork, Single Mothers frontman Drew Thomson lets you know why he abstains from writing overt love songs, “Screaming into a microphone about negative shit is way more fun to me than saying, ‘Sarah, I love your kneecaps and your shoulder’ ” he admits frankly. ”I can do that on a different channel, but Single Mothers is my outlet and I’m going to use it to its full potential as long as I can.” The dark humor and terrifically unbridled abrasiveness is characteristic of the London, Ontario based punk outfit, and paired with systematic feedback, it spills onto their most recent album, Negative Qualities, released in October. Live, they conjure a sheer raw intensity that is difficult to match and the good news is that they’ll be playing next Wednesday, December 3 at the newly opened Studio at Waiting Room. Joining them will be The Slums and Cal Dripken



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