Small Business Saturday

[SHOPPING] Black Friday? Eff that noise. Big box retailers declared war on independent retailers everywhere a generation ago, and today online retail looking to proclaim victory. As a small media business that survives largely on the support of small business, we encourage you to spread the love to your neighborhood retailers this holiday season and there’s no better kickstart to this effort than Small Business Saturday, found pretty much everywhere on the sane day that follows craziness of Black Friday. In the city, Elmwood and Hertel are the natural destinations, but commercial districts from Lockport to East Aurora, Village of Hamburg to Williamsville all host pockets of small business, folks who will keep the money you spend with them in our community. Many unconventional retailers are jumping in the game so get your antennae up. Art galleries like Pine Apple Company (224 Allen Street) are hosting special offers, distillers like Tommyrotter are hosting all day events with vendors and craft merchants. Venture forth and keep those dollars local to start your shopping, and keep checking back with us as we go for gift ideas and shopping destinations where the money you spend for the goods you receive promise to have a better impact for both the local economy and your loved one. 


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!