[POST-PUNK] South-London post-punk band, Shame, comes to Mohawk Place on Sunday, November 19. The band maintains the uncanny ability to appeal to younger fans through their furious live show and to older generations by way of their nod to the early post punk vanguard. Since 2016 the band has only released a small handful of singles, but this past summer they played more than 40 festival dates, impressing fans and critics alike. They exist now in a DIY state, crafting their jangly post-punk, drawing up artwork and t shirts, but their trajectory indicates that this phase may be coming to an end, with an upcoming album produced by Local Hero (A.K.A. Dan Foat and Nathan Boddy, known for their work with James Blake among others) on the horizon. Their show at Mohawk Place on Sunday will also feature a performance from Buffalo-based lo-fi punk band Confirmation.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


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