Timber Timbre

[INDIE] There’s something dark yet danceable to Timber Timbre’s latest album, Sincerely, Future Pollution. The Montreal-based indie rock band headed over to France to catch the right vibe for this noir-funky new album, the follow up to their more twangy, westerly facing 2014 release, Hot Dreams. Both records have what the Guardian called a “Lynchian” (as in David Lynchian”) feel to them, with dark corners, moody interludes, and cinematic pans throughout. Their music has been featured on the TV show Breaking Bad and in the horror flick The Last Exorcism Part II, and the band has been steadily gaining steam in recent years, lead by frontman Taylor Kirk. Catch the four-piece indie rock band at Mohawk Place this Tuesday, November 14 with support from Handsome Jack. If you bought tickets to this show when it went on sale ages ago, note that it has been moved from The Waiting Room.



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