Todd Miller on Climate Change and Immigration

[AUTHOR’S TALK] You may not know it, but Western New York’s social service and educational institutions are bracing for an anticipated influx of refugees who are not fleeing, as refugees before them, war or political persecution or ethnic violence (or at least not only those oppressions), but rather the effects of climate change. (Local planners expect a surge in the region’s emigres from Puerto Rico, for example.) Author Todd Miller has spent the past 15 years writing about immigration and border issues; his 2014 book Border Patrol Nation has been widely praised for its portrait of the industries and economies engendered by US-Mexico immigration and border patrol policies. His new book is called Storming the Wall, and it deals with human migrations created by the floods, droughts, rising oceans, and superstorms that attend global climate change, and socioeconomic divisions those migrations expose. Miller comes to Burning Books to talk about the new book on Thursday, November 2.


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