Infringement Festival Fundraiser

[FUNDRAISER] Perhaps you’ve finally let go of summer and begun to steel yourself for the long winter months. That’s smart. But the organizing cooperative that puts on the Buffalo Infringement Festival at the end of each July can never let go of summer; they can think of little else, if they are to continue the 13-year tradition of the 11-day cultural free-for-all. And they can’t do it alone: They need participating artists, of course, but they also need money to cover the festival’s numerous costs. Your first chance to hip in comes this Friday, October 28 at Nietzsche’s. Musical entertainment includes trash-pop act Major Arcana and Afro-soul outfit Fragrance and Juan, along with Much BandChloroformScott MacCallumStevie FleckDashuri and JenevieveMusic for Ultras, and Lalalangue. The winning festival poster design will be unveiled, too. Spare a few dollars for one of the city’s greatest and most successful ongoing cultural experiments—a wide-open, nondiscrimination, nonhierarchical arts democracy. The show starts at 10pm and goes late, late, late. 



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!



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Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-886-8539