The Manx

[PUNK] The Manx have something to do with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, but this writer can’t quite figure out what, so we’ll just state “the Manx have something to do with Adult Swim,” and leave it at that. But this also means that the Manx are weird. Just how weird, you ask? They sometimes wear really boner-y spandex shorts and cover themselves in paint, and they look like they’re from some 1980s cool movie but then they also play stand-up basses and banjos. Their music is really spastic and crazy, kinda folky, but with an electronic thing going on and they play instruments that are custom tweaked to sound weirder than normal. The Melvins are big fans, and the band cite Cannibal Corpse and Elvis Costello as influences (editor’s note: Cannibal Corpse and Elvis Costello don’t usually have a lot of crossover fans). Check out their video for “Shimmering Ancient Wisdom” to get more of a feel of what you’re getting yourself into if you check out The Manx at Mohawk Place on Sunday, October 22. Support comes from Buffalo pop punk band Sunday Brunch, and hardcore punk bands Pure Heel and Good Dude.




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