Folk and Blues Roots of the Grateful Dead

[FOLK]  The first thing to know about this show is who the players are: The Canal Street String Band comprises three of the region’s finest roots music musicians, who we will identify by name and the instruments with which they are most often associated, knowing that leaves no place for who plays jaw harp, dobro, cow bones, and whatever else presents itself: Dave Ruch on guitar and mandolin, Jim Whitford on standup bass, and Phil Banaszak on fiddle. Everybody sings. The second thing to know is the music: The show is titled “Folk and Blues Roots of the Grateful Dead.” Now, you may love the Dead, in which case this show is a must-see. Or you may not love the Dead, in which case you are wrong, and these three will demonstrate why, by plumbing the influences—traditional folk songs, bluegrass, murder ballads, old-school country, some early rock-and-roll, and more—that led Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir to form the jug band that eventually became one of the great American cultural institutions of the latter half of the 20th century. Those influences are what this show is all about—how one song leads to another, is bred with another, and onward. The last thing you need to know about is the venue: PAUSA Art House is an institution in itself, a place that is all about the music, the musicians, and audiences who want to hear every note. This gem of a concert, two shows only at 4pm and 8pm on Saturday, October 8, is being further cut and polished even as you read this. Don’t miss it. 



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

19 Wadsworth St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 697-9069