Michale Graves

[PUNK] Though Danzig cancelled his Buffalo show a few weeks ago, you can still catch a former Misfits frontman when the always ghastly Michale Graves comes to Mohawk Place for a show on Wednesday, October 11. At the age of 19, Graves led the reformation period of the band, taking over where Glenn Danzig left off. Graves was never a Danzig wannabe, however, adding more of a metal edge to the band—and of course his iconic haircut. Among Misfits fans, Graves has actually given Danzig a run for his money as far as fan favorite frontmen go. Since leaving the band he’s been fairly prolific, releasing 13 solo albums since 2005—10 of which have been released since 2013, somehow, though a few were acoustic renditions of previous albums. He’ll likely play cuts from throughout his career on Wednesday, joined b an extensive line up of supporting acts including Exham Priory, the Scarecrow Show, Crooked Gener8ion, Stone Priest, Of Night and Light, and the Black Hats.



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