Norm Talley

[HOUSE] Born and raised in Detroit, Norm Talley has been an authority on house music since the beginning. He’ll give Buffalo a lesson on old school techno and house when he comes to the Gypsy Parlor on Saturday, September 16, presented by Rufus Gibson. In an interview with the Chicago-based house music magazine, 5 Magazine, Talley talks about how playing house music has evolved and changed. “There were not so many records as there were now. Right now, a DJ can play 20 records and the DJ following his set doesn’t have one of them. Back then, we had mostly the same records. And it was the way you put two of those records together and mix them a certain way that got the crowd going and made the party,” he said. In the 1980s, Talley became known in Detroit as a prolific creator of house and techno mixtapes, which he recorded to cassettes and later CDs. Over the last decade, he’s become known internationally due to the many deep house records he’s released on labels like the Berlin-based label Sushitech Records. Talley’s name is one often heard by fans alongside names like Mike Huckaby, Delano Smith, and Omar-S as authorities on deep house, so expect him to dive deep at the Gypsy Parlor this weekend.



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