En Vogue

[R&B] Before TLC and Destiny’s Child, there was En Vogue—the R&B quartet that pioneered the independent, confident swagger of 1990s girl bands. Their debut album, Born To Sing, boasted the hit single “Hold On” in 1990, and from there, En Vogue were propelled to in vogue status. They flaunted their shiny vocal potency on their platinum-selling sophomore album, Funky Divas, from the irresistible flash of “Free Your Mind” to the succulent soul of “Give It Up, Turn It Loose.” Dawn Robinson’s departure rattled the lineup in 1996 and it seemed like the glory days were over until 2008, when they reunited to play like they never broke up. The R&B veterans proved they still give the audience what they want. From “Whatta Man” to “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” they annihilate each note with unparalleled conviction and a whole lot of soul. Catch En Vogue at Canalside on Thursday, August 20 for the final concert in their free summer concert series.



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44 Prime St.
Buffalo, NY