Brian Posehn

[COMEDY] Years ago Brian Posehn vowed to never joke about being a dad in his standup, inviting all to punch his yet-to-be-conceived baby in the face if he did. He recently rescinded the offer for the sake of his son’s safety. Family life hasn’t robbed Posehn of his hilarity. His bits on fatherhood are as bold and gut-busting as those about mean stripper tattoos and flatulence. Posehn’s extensive resume includes cameos in an array of television shows from Seinfeld to Californication. He is the co-writer for Marvel’s Deadpool, co-stars on the Sara Silverman Show, and hosts Nerd Poker. Catch Brian Posehn at Helium Comedy Club on Thursday, August 20 through Saturday, August 23.

Read an interview with Posehn here.



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