Thrift Store Day

[CELEBRATION] A deal is a deal, but if you are looking for a smokin’ deal you may want to make haste and get to Amvets on Thrift Store DayAugust 17. From 9am until 9pm Amvets will offer a 25% discount by simply mentioning Thrift Store Day at checkout at any of their three locations: 1833 Elmwood Avenue, 2900 Walden Avenue, or 1900 Ridge Road. The focus of AMVETS and their thrift stores has seen some change in recent years. While sales within the thrift store are a driving force behind the ways our community gives back to those that serve us, AMVETS is set on highlighting and educating the general public on the programs, resources, and other measures in place to ensure that our American Veterans, their families, and communities are taken care of.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!