Photo by Lisa Schaffer Photography.

Get the Led Out

[ROCK] Quench your Led Zeppelin thirst with Get The Led Out—seven guys who deliver precise renditions of Zeppelin’s original recordings to a live audience. GTLO is comprised of fans, not impersonators. That’s why they unabashedly use three guitarists to accurately depict the production ingenuity of Jimmy Page, who would layer multiple guitar tracks to obtain a full-bodied, orchestrated sound on songs like “Achilles Last Stand,” for instance. Adam Ferraioli shoulders John Bonham’s awe-inspiring drumming sounds. It’s a bold move to portray any Zeppelin member, but portraying John Bonham is downright heroic, and Ferraioli deserves a Medal of Honor for his spot-on cover of the legendary “Moby Dick” solo. Catch Get The Led Out at Canalside on Thursday, August 13. 




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44 Prime St.
Buffalo, NY