We'll Always Have Casablanca: Flashbacks in the Fog

[THEATER] So, here’s the truth: There’s no previewing a theatrical event at Rust Belt Books, that Grant Street oasis. We can tell you what we’re told to tell you about We’ll Always Have Casablanca: Flashbacks in the Fog—that local playwrights and actors will present vignettes that call on flashbacks, both cultural classics and new inventions, and that these presntations will possibly incorporate marionettes and multimedia elements. (Some titles: “We’ll Always Have Casablanca by Michael Fanbelli, “He Is…He Said” by Mark C. Lloyd, “Dominatrix of a Salesman” by Darryl Schneider, “PAC From the Future” by Jon Elston.) But we can’t tell you what will happen. You need to just go. Performances the next two Saturdays, June 16 and 23, at 7pm, and the next two Sundays, June 17 and 24, at 2pm. Presented by Buffalo Writers’ Theater.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

415 Grant St
Buffalo, NY