Lilt by Kyle Butler.

Kyle Butler: Lilt

[ART] Make a plan to find yourself out and about in Allentown this Saturday because the Nina Freudenheim is presenting new works by up-and-coming artist Kyle Butler. Lilt is composed of a series of abstract paintings made with acrylic and spray paint that evoke a sense of communication and movement. Freudenheim has dedicated herself to the arts and Buffalo for over 35 years with a keen eye for seeking out talent, and this exhibit is no exception. Since moving to Buffalo in 2008 for graduate school, Butler has since made this city his home. His broad practice includes paintings, sculpture, and curatorial projects. If you are an admirer of fine art and want to catch an artist coming into his own, I wouldn’t hesitate seeing this show.




We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

140 North St.
Buffalo, NY