[INDIE] The relatively young indie-folk band, Beams, hailing from Toronto, have a clever way of pulling together the past, present, and future in their music. They’ve done this by working with producers like Peter Moore, who has worked with Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and John McEntire, who has worked with Broken Social Scene and Tortoise. They’ve done this by covering Kate Bush and creating weirdo-futuristic music videos from their usually stripped back folky indie rock songs that often bring banjos, xylophones and other non-traditional rock instruments into the mix. Lead by Anna Mernieks and Heather Mazhar, the seven piece band has released two albums since 2013, including their most recent, Teach Me To Love, which was released in February of this year. Catch the psych-folk band when they come to Mohawk Place on Thursday, April 26 with support from local indie-pop band dreambeaches and folk artist Katie Weissman.



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