Peelander Z

[PUNK] A little bit comedy, a little bit sci-fi and a lot of Japanese punk mixed in with some wrestling (they’ve been featured in Kaiju Big Battel), Austin’s Peelander Z has been touring around boggling minds for 20 years. Though solid with a core trio lineup for the first 10 years, there’s been rotation among the Peelander Players since 2008, the resulting tumult having been documented in the film, Mad Tiger. Maintaining their color-specific identities (‘Peelander Red,’ ‘Peelander Blue,’ etc — they refer to it as skin) has shrouded the actual performers in mystery, but the Peelander saga has soldiered on, recruiting new members (Green, Purple) to keep the band alive and touring. Shows often involve audience participation and, at times, even require attendees to play instruments while the Peelander folks act something out. Definitely not for the shy… but for extroverts with a taste for absurd humor, this is nirvana. Peelander Z will bring the epic shenanigans to Mohawk Place on Sunday, April 21 (because what else could you possibly be doing on a school night?) with The Molice and Tony Rocky Horror. Doors are at 7:00 p.m., $10/$12.



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