Nine Layers Deep

[METAL] BOOM, cuz, y’know, some stuff just lands with a thud. Nothing lightweight happening here, Folks. The faint of heart can move along, but fans of the heavy, sludgy stoner stuff should stick around for the debut release from local trio Nine Layers Deep, who recently had the honor of opening Clutch’s Town Ballroom gig. Newly signed to Helmet Lady Records, their Sludge Life: 1 (a play on Tupac’s Thug Life, yes indeed) drops just in time for a Saturday, 4/20 gig at Mohawk Place —no coincidence, we’re pretty sure. For the uninitiated, 9LD hangs it low and long, but not to the point of becoming too tangled up. Instead, the band blends their signature dark tones with strains of familiar influences like the Melvins, Soungarden, Tool and, of course, early Sabbath. You’ll swear it all happened in some murky cavern deep below the earth’s surface on April 20 with like-minded openers Stone Priest, Chelseigh and the premiere performance of newcomers Geefer. Music gets underway at 9:00 p.m., $8. This is an 18+ event and you MUST have ID. 



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


Mohawk Place

47 E Mohawk St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 312-9279