Katherine by Beth Yarnell Edwards. Click to see entire piece.

CEPA Auction

[ART] At $75 a pop ($150 for the VIP pass, with a discount if you buy two at a time), tickets to the biennial CEPA Auction may seem a bit steep. But consider what you’re getting: It’s a swanky event with an an open bar reception and snacks in a handsome building. And lining the walls of CEPA’s Passageway Galleries will be 85 works by renowned artists—from Cindy Sherman to virocode, Al Volo to Milton Rogovin, Diane Bush to William Wegman—all of which will be sold at live auction that very night. It’s a complete night out, and a bargain at that. Further, it benefits one of the region’s most celebrated arts centers: CEPA has an international reputation as a center for for contemporary photography and visual arts, and its teaching programs reach hundreds of students each year. It’s lucky number 13 for CEPA this Saturday, April 19 in the lovely Market Arcade building. Get your tickets today at —THE PUBLIC STAFF

$75 ($125 per couple); VIP $150 ($250 per couple)


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


CEPA Gallery

700 Main St
Buffalo, NY